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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Roofing Mildew, Moss, Mold and Algae

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Many homeowners believe that mildew, moss, mold and algae just cause a roof to look bad. However, these organic growths cause much more damage. In some cases, they can cause a roof to rot more quickly by hindering its ability to drain water properly. Thankfully, homeowners can hire Jacksonville roofing experts to quickly take care of this problem.

Mold, algae, moss and mildew are all unsightly nuisances on roofing surfaces. This organic matter often comes across looking like stains on a roof. This brings down the property value of a home and, in the case of mold, can even be a health concern for anyone living inside.

Algae are best known for growing on asphalt and wood shingles that don't get a lot of sunlight. This type of matter likes damp, shady roofs. Because algae cause roofs to retain water longer, algae speed up the deterioration of shingles. Algae also spread fast and can work from the roof to gutters and downspouts. Usually, algae can be identified by the black and green coloring. Homeowners should never attempt to remove algae without hiring an expert because the roof will be slippery.

Moss grows on homes where there is a lot of moisture.

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It's common on roofs that sit under trees because the trees continue to drip water onto the roofs long after a rainstorm has stopped. Much like algae, moss holds water in place, which causes rot in shingles and leads to leaks. Unfortunately, moss grows much faster than algae and can easily spread across an entire roof.

Mold is characterized by its green, black and brown appearance. It's slimy to the touch and can cause health problems. This type of organic growth is common on homes that are located in humid areas. Once mold grabs hold of a house, it can spread very quickly. The biggest concern with mold is that it will eventually move past the roofing material and work its way into the roofing deck and the rest of the house. Mold is extremely toxic and is known to cause respiratory illnesses.

Unlike the other organic materials, mildew is best identified by its powdery consistency and can thrive in areas that are warm, humid and are vulnerable to sunlight. Most of the time, mildew forms on roofs that aren't draining water properly. It usually accompanies other organic buildups like moss and algae.

Homeowners who have organic buildup on their roofs should hire professionals to remove it. Roofing experts can not only remove the organic buildup, but they can also check for any damage that may have been done to the roofing material.

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