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One of the most important structural components of a house is the roof. It keeps moisture and other elements outside, and it allows water and debris to drain off its fixtures so that the rest of the house's infrastructure doesn't experience water damage. A leaking roof is serious business, and the sooner it is repaired the better. The longer an issue is allowed to continue, the higher the potential of serious damage and the more the cost of repairs will be. Because early detection of leaks is crucial to contain the amount of damage done, homeowners should have their roof inspected by a Jacksonville roofing professional at least once per year to check for problems.

A small leak can cause big problems, and it can even have a serious effect on a family's health. Mold spores are in the air everywhere and all it takes to cultivate a thriving mold colony is moisture and a food source, which, for mold, can consist of damaged wood or other building materials. Mold is capable of causing serious health problems in homeowners and pets.

In addition to health problems, even a small roof leak can begin a domino effect that leads to major damage. As sheathing, framing timbers and insulation absorb more and more water over time, they begin to deteriorate. If ignored, these will produce a situation that can involve major structural repair.

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Even a professional can be injured by slips and falls while working on the roof, so it is advised that homeowners not run the risk of injury by getting on the roof themselves. A cursory inspection of the roof can be done from the ground and is much safer.

Using a pair of binoculars, visually inspect the shingles for signs of damage such as buckling or curling, shingle loss of granules and missing shingles. While indoors, look for stains on the ceiling and inspect plywood inside the attic for water stains.

If damaged shingles are seen, homeowners can use asphalt cement for a quick and easy fix. Usually a quick repair can head off bigger problems. Any buckled or curling shingles can be fixed and loose shingles can be nailed down. If missing shingles are found, they can be replaced with any leftover shingles from the initial roof installation the homeowner might still have on hand.

Prompt attention to signs of damage or a breach in the roof system should be addressed right away. If the homeowner is not comfortable handling repairs, a professional roofer should be called on as soon as possible. Paying for a small repair now can save the homeowner from costly repairs later.

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