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From time to time, a roof leak goes undetected until the homeowner notices strange symptoms on the interior walls, ceilings or floors of the structure. Once water has made its way into the living quarters of a home, chances are good that the roof has substantial problems. Being able to identify the interior signs of roof damage allows homeowners to contact a Jacksonville roofing service for a professional assessment of the situation.

One of the first signs of a leaky roof a homeowner might notice is bubbling of the paint. Bubbled paint may develop on the ceilings or walls. There may be a series of small bubbles or one single large bubble. The paint may start to peel away from the bubbled area. When touched, that portion of the wall or ceiling may feel damp.

Another indicator of a leaking roof is water stains. The ceiling tiles, window frames or walls may develop streaks that look like rust stains. This is a result of water that leaked all the way through the roofing, penetrated into the walls and then dried, leaving these marks.

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Because water takes the path of least resistance, the location of the stains does not necessarily indicate where the leak originated.

Mold or mildew growth on the ceiling or wall is another sure sign of a roof leak. The mold or mildew will grow on the organic components of the home, such as wood flooring or wallpaper. Mold and mildew growth are not always in visible locations as these microorganisms may grow within the walls or in the air ducts or vents. The property owner may notice smells of mold or mildew. If the homeowner has allergies to mold, the residents of the house may have an increase in allergy or asthma symptoms.

In some cases, the interior ceilings may begin to sag. This is caused by water that has accumulated from a leak but has not been able to find an outlet to drain through. The sag will increase until the ceiling finally cracks. Water stains, peeling paint and bubbling may accompany the sagged parts of the ceiling.

Dripping water is the most obvious sign that the roof is leaking. A torrential downpour may cause this to happen. The water puddle may not be in the same place as the leak; a homeowner may find a puddle of water near a window or doorframe, along the baseboards or anywhere else inside the building.

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