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Many homeowners have used an unlicensed roofing contractor and seen acceptable results. Many others, however, have used unlicensed roofing contractors and seen their roof and budget fall into shambles. Not all roofing contractors are a one size fits all brand, and not all roofing contractors offer the same level of protection, service or warranty. Furthermore, after a job is completed, whether properly or improperly, homeowners may sometimes not be able to find their contractor again in the event that they are not based locally. The risks for homeowners contracting unlicensed roofing contractors are numerous, both personal and legal.

For starters, most unlicensed contractors do not carry an insurance policy. This leaves a homeowner's property at risk should damage occur. If the roofer is not insured, the homeowner can be left holding the bill. Additionally, unlicensed and uninsured contractors can leave a homeowner financially liable for medical expenses in the event of a physical injury as homeowners insurance or a personal liability policy will not cover it. The best case for personal, financial and legal protection is to never use an unlicensed contractor and instead use a professionally trained, insured, licensed and certified Jacksonville roofing professional.

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Unlicensed contractors have been known to use high pressure tactics or "bonus offers" to sway homeowners into hiring them. Homeowners may be asked to place a substantial down payment on a job before terms have even been set. Even if a contractor is unlicensed yet capable, a lack of proper insurance policies in place still makes the potential long term cost and possible financial loss far greater than the highest cost of a fully licensed and insured roofing professional. Homeowners are urged to always choose licensed and insured roofers to protect both their home and assets.

The result of not using a licensed and insured roofing contractor can leave homeowners with double bills, an unfinished roof and no money left to fix it. Contractors who do not pay suppliers for high quality materials may also wind up leaving more than a shoddy job as well. If a contractor does not pay suppliers for the materials on a roof, homeowners may find that their property has a lien and will have to pay for the same materials twice. Typically, the result of an unlicensed contractor is a poorly designed or installed roof that may require extra work in the near future, costing additional workmanship fees for an already completed job. The safest bet is to always choose a professional.

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