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While small reroofing projects may take no more than a day to complete, a full roof replacement could take several days depending on the condition of the roof. Usually, contractors will postpone the project if there is a chance that it could rain. However, there are instances when the project is already underway and an unexpected rain shower hits. Because rain can damage an unprotected roof, a Jacksonville roofing contractor will always have a plan.

Before a new roof installation project can begin, the roofer will inspect the roof to determine its condition. This way, the roofer can accurately predict the number of days it may take to complete the project, especially if major repairs need to be made to the underlying roof structure. Because the roof will not be protected against the elements during this work, it is imperative that the roofer can accurately determine how long the entire project will take.

Prior to commencing a major roofing project, the roofer may monitor the weather for several days. If the weather is predicted to be clear for a number of days, the roofer may attempt to schedule the project for those days.

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If rain or bad weather is predicted, the roof installation may be delayed until better weather is predicted.

Most roofers only remove the amount of old shingles that can be replaced that day. If it does begin to rain and a portion of the roof is not protected, the exposed area can be covered with a tarp. Roofing felt or tarpaper that has been laid down will also protect the roof structure against the rain. If the roofing felt or tarpaper becomes wet, however, the materials will need to dry out prior to the shingles being installed. Otherwise, the shingles may not lay flat until all of the moisture has evaporated.

Having a roofing project delayed due to potentially inclement weather can be disappointing; however, the goal of most roofers is to provide a quality roof install while protecting against rain damage. While a professional roofer should always come prepared with tarps in the event that a sudden rainstorm hits, it should be noted that a small amount of water will not cause severe damage to a roof. Any area that does become slightly wet will dry out prior to the installation of the shingles or other roofing material. A professional roofer should be able to provide homeowners with all the answers they need regarding their roof installation.

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