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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Reasons To Consider Clay Tile Roofing

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With an elegant look that exhibits the peak of craftsmanship, clay tile roofing is perhaps the best type of roof available. A clay tile roof contributes wonderfully to the overall architectural design and beauty of a home. It is highly durable and provides supreme protection against severe weather, all while adding value to the home and looking classic. A Jacksonville roofing contractor can explain all the details and important information necessary when considering a clay tile roof.

While a very expensive option in roofing, the initial cost of clay tile will be completely recovered and then some over time. The investment in a clay tile roof is solid as the material is meant to stand the test of time. A well installed clay tile roof will last well over a hundred years. Some historic buildings have the same clay tile roof that has been on the building for several centuries. When considering that a roof with shingles will require a complete replacement every 15 or 20 years, the good investment becomes evident.

Concrete tiles are very much like clay. They look similar and are designed to be lower maintenance and highly durable.

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They are less expensive than clay tile but are still a more expensive roofing product. Concrete tiles should last more than half a century and require far less maintenance than wood shingles, shakes or asphalt roofing materials. Just like clay tiles, concrete roofs are quite beautiful and add tremendous character to the architectural design of the property.

Clay and concrete tiles both have the advantage of being lower maintenance. They can handle virtually all types of weather without the need for repair or replacement. Unlike wood shingles, these tiles will not rot over time, and they are resistant to mold and mildew.

These materials also boast advantages in energy efficiency. Clay tiles insulate the cold and heat from the outdoors. This insulation quality protects the attic area and, by extension, the rest of the interior from added heat or cold in the wrong season. This extra insulation keeps energy costs lower, which also defrays the long term cost of the roof.

Before deciding upon a clay tile roof, homeowners should talk with a contractor about the structural needs of the house. Because these materials weigh more than more traditional materials such as wood or asphalt shingles, the frame must be able to provide the proper support. Discussing this with a roofing contractor is important before making final decisions.

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