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Although ice storms and snowy weather are uncommon in Florida, this type of weather event does occasionally occur. Unfortunately, many homes in this region are not well insulated in the attic areas. As a result, ice may build up in the home's rain gutters, resulting in the development of damaging ice dams. Homeowners can use several techniques and products to melt the ice before it causes a water leak. If any leaking does occur, Jacksonville roofing services can find the source of the water and make any necessary repairs.

Climbing up onto a snowy or icy roof is not safe for a homeowner to do. Instead of risking an injury or causing further damage to the rooftop, there are several methods the property owner can try to get the ice melted and out of the rain gutters. One of the easiest tricks a property owner can try is to fill a pair of nylon pantyhose with calcium chloride. This substance, also known as rock salt, is designed to melt ice and snow at temperatures below freezing. Once a leg of the stockings is filled, the open end should be tied shut with a double knot.

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The property owner can then toss the pantyhose up onto the edge of the roof. The stockings should be positioned so they overlap both the gutter and the edge of the roof. A long handled garden tool can help position the stocking. After a few hours, the calcium chloride will melt enough of the ice and snow to create a space for the water to flow through the gutters or off the roof's overhang.

Another technique homeowners can try is to apply heated tape to the outside of the metal gutters. This kind of tape gets warm enough to melt the ice, as the aluminum or copper material will conduct the heat. The tape strips are available at hardware stores and home improvement retailers. However, if the ice dam is located on an upper level of a home, it may be safer for the property owner to contact a professional roofer to dislodge the dam.

A roof rake is another tool that can be used to dislodge an ice dam. However, this method is best used before the ice dam has a chance to fully develop. The property owner can rake the frozen precipitation off the edges of the roof before it has a chance to go through the melting and refreezing process.

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