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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Rain Gutter Storm Damage

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Structural gutters are meant to take the brunt of consistent rainfall and direct it into local sewers. When heavy rains strike, however, these gutters may malfunction because of breakage or misalignment. Jacksonville roofing professionals must survey all gutter lengths, elbows and downspouts to verify proper functions for the next storm system.

Even when homeowners invest in seamless gutters, there are still junctions that can malfunction. Long gutter lengths still connect to elbows and downspouts. These seams can crack, allowing water to flow uncontrollably to the ground below. Professionals must repair these junction areas before the next storm. More water flowing through the gutter only creates more breakage issues when cracks are neglected. Roofers may even add new connections to make the system as robust as possible.

Unless gutters are fortified with mesh covers, blockages can occur during rainstorms. Debris struck down onto the rooftop, including twigs and leaves, typically flows into gutters. This debris creates a strong clog at any point in the system. Roofers must locate and remove these blockages even if they're just partial ones. Any blockage creates stress along the gutter with breakage potential.

Gutters can even detach completely from the fascia board.

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From the ground, homeowners will see gutter lengths literally hanging in midair. Hanging gutters usually bow or bend, creating a perfect area for water and debris to accumulate. Professionals attach the gutter to the fascia, relieving any bowing effects. It may be necessary to replace the section if the bending caused excessive damage along the length, however.

Even downspouts can show damage after a strong rainstorm. Spouts may be misaligned with their extensions or splash blocks, for instance. Water could be puddling at the foundation's edge, creating erosion and possible structural issues. Contractors examine the gutters at roof and ground level to make the system whole and functional again. They'll adjust downspouts so water leaves the structure safely and repair their connection to elbows if necessary. Downspouts could even be crushed because of ground level activities, such as a car backing into the structure. Contractors must check all gutter areas for proper operation year round.

If gutters haven't been evaluated recently, they can be damaged by just a small rainstorm. Homeowners should always inspect their home's exterior after a storm. They can easily spot gutter damage from the ground if it's significant. From a broken gutter sole to physical bowing, gutters display obvious problems so homeowners know when to call professionals.

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