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Everyone understands the role that good insulation plays in reducing heating costs. Insulation in Florida does perform that function, but because the need for heating is minimal, it is tempting to think that insulation is not important. Understanding the role that insulation plays in warm, sunny climates helps Florida homeowners make wise choices with their investments. Insulation prevents heat from getting in, reducing cooling costs. A Jacksonville roofing company can help make homes efficient from the perspective of resisting heat.

Attached garages are often uninsulated. If the garage has a roof exposed to the sun and the garage door stays closed for most of the day, it creates an effect like an oven. Air temperatures inside the garage soar. Walls shared between the garage and the living areas transfer heat, causing cooling systems to work harder. Because heated air rises, this effect is most noticeable in rooms that are above the garage.

Fiberglass or expanding foam insulation installed in the garage ceiling is one way to reduce the high temperature air trapped in garages. It requires the garage ceiling to be enclosed, but this is not always practical. An exhaust system to remove the hot air also helps.

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Vents installed on the garage roof permit hot air to escape. These can be passive, but in order to remove as much air as possible, solar or electric powered vents do more.

One method that is gaining in popularity is to install radiant barrier insulation. There are two types, and both are installed on the roof deck directly underneath the shingles on the inside of the garage. Installing them beneath shingles is possible when a new roof project is undertaken. One type is a reflective coating sprayed by a professional roofing contractor. The other is a reflective material that comes on a roll.

The idea behind both materials is to prevent heat from hot Florida sunshine beating down on roofs from ever having the opportunity to heat the air in the garage. Radiant barriers reflect heat from the sun away from the structure. A major benefit is that a radiant barrier is a fixed investment. Once installed, maintenance is not necessary in most cases, and electricity to power ventilation fans is unnecessary.

Sprayed radiant barriers are the type of project best left to professionals. This requires special equipment and experience. Radiant barriers on rolls also benefit from the expertise of a professional to ensure that hot air can escape from between the barrier and the roofing material.

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