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Sunlight causes the roof of a house to deteriorate. This leads to leaks and problems with the roofing. Jacksonville roofing professionals can help homeowners persevere their home value by preventing sun damage.

A roof coating is one of the ways to protect against infrared and ultraviolet damage. Homeowners should choose a coating with high reflectivity and emissivity. A high reflective and emissivity coating draws the heat away from the structure.

This coating is applied with a system known as the Cool Roof system. It is placed on top of the existing roof of the house. A highly reflective coating creates a waterproof barrier that sticks to the structure and protects the existing roof. It lasts from 10 to 15 years before it requires replacing.

Installing a cool roof is one of the ways to protect houses from sunlight. It is designed to help a roof maintain a lower surface temperature during hot weather conditions. A cool roof's surface releases and reflects more sunlight than a dark or hot roof. The expression "cool roof' is used to describe any roofing that is cooler than a standard rooftop. However, green certification programs like the Department of Energy Building Technology Program, the U.S. Green Building Council, Energy Star and LEED use different criteria for cool roofing.

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These programs' approvals are based on how well the roofing releases absorbed heat and reflects sunlight.

The higher the solar emissivity and solar reflectance, the cooler the roofing. Cool coatings are applied in a variety of ways, such as rolled on, brushed and sprayed. This type of coating leaves a white, reflective surface.

Unpainted metal roofs are highly reflective, which means they hold in heat. This type of roofing is best on steep rooftops because they get more sunlight on a daily basis. Homeowners can also apply coatings to help metal roofs improve their heat releasing properties. Not every metal roof may qualify as a cool roof. Adding a coating can help with releasing reflective properties. Metal roofing is the most affordable solution for a steep slope roof. This type of roofing does not require any additional products to make it reflective.

Homeowners benefit in a variety of ways by preventing sun damage. Making adjustments to the roof of a house lowers the temperature inside the building, so homeowners do not have to run their air conditioning as often or as long. This leads to using less energy and saving on utility bills.

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