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Many Jacksonville roofing companies warn that a lot of the repairs that they are hired to perform were preventable if the homeowner had been aware of the risk and acted on it as a preventive measure. When a tropical storm is identified off the coast, most homeowners take action, but there are many other issues, which perhaps seem minor in comparison, that create much more damage.

Area homeowners are well aware of the wind damage that a hurricane can cause to a roof or other aspects of a home, but keep in mind that it doesn't take a hurricane for winds to be strong enough to damage a roof. In fact, a tropical storm can have winds as high as 73 mph, and most standard asphalt shingles are only rated for winds as high as 60 mph. It is also important to note that wind ratings are a measure of resistance to upward force, and standard asphalt shingles can be damaged other ways even in tropical depressions, which only have winds as high as 38 mph.

Most wind damage is not caused by the wind itself but rather by foreign objects being thrown by the wind into the roof. This is when those 38 mph winds really become a point of concern. In some cases, a homeowner will have no control over what hits the roof.

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Damage can be caused by a large branch or piece of metal that originated down the street. Nevertheless, most damage like this originates on the homeowner's property. Either the homeowners left loose objects in the yard, or they did not adequately prune the trees in the area, particularly those that are taller than the home.

Another common issue that may seem innocuous is algae or similar growth, such as moss or fungus. Moss is most obvious since it tends to grow directly on the shingle. Algae, on the other hand, tend to reveal themselves as dark streaks or blotching. Homeowners should know that this kind of growth can lead to substantial damage, but more importantly, it may be an indication of a significant problem, such as a lack of ventilation, that may already be causing substantial damage.

Although ice accumulation on a roof is a rare occurrence in Florida, it is never an event that homeowners should take lightly. Homeowners should know that whenever the right conditions for an icicle exists, there is a threat of an ice dam. An ice dam will block melting water from draining from the roof correctly, and the water may permeate the top layer of the roof.

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