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Offering plenty of financial, environmental and safety advantages, today's new era of metal roofing is a preferred choice for a growing number of homeowners and businesses. Banishing any notion of those old corrugated roofs of yesteryear, today's innovative metal roofs come in a variety of compelling styles, including cedar shake, trendy slate, tile and traditional shingle looks. So when a trusted Jacksonville roofing contractor suggests metal roof options, there are many benefits to consider.

Durability is one of metal's strongest assets, lasting 40 to 60 years. In contrast, the average asphalt or composition shingle roof will be replaced two and a half times before a metal roof will need to be replaced. These bastions of roofing won't experience the cracking, breaking, warping, splitting, rotting or curling that other roofing types endure. Metal roofs are also perfect for dealing with snow and sleet while resisting typical cold weather issues like ice dams.

It's also tough to beat metal roofing's excellent performance. Its light weight won't put a strain on the building's structure, and it offers top notch Class A fire resistance. Metal's a good choice for all types of weather conditions, and can be installed to withstand the high winds found with tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Metal roofs are also extremely hail resistant and can withstand the jarring effects of earthquakes.

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Environmentally, metal roofs are energy efficient, don't contribute to landfills and provide opportunities for sustainable lifestyles. Metal is a naturally cool roof product, resisting the interior heat gain found with traditional roofs. In fact, homeowners and building managers can expect a 20 percent savings on air conditioning costs with a metal roof. Most metal roofs are manufactured using a minimum of 28 percent recycled material, and they are completely and continuously recyclable themselves. Consumers who are interested in capturing rainwater runoff are also in luck with metal roofs since they shed mostly potable water.

This new generation of metal roofing really shines when it comes to versatility, design and aesthetics. Of course, there are the traditional vertical seamed metal roof panels that look great on cabin and log style homes, and there are stone coated steel options that look exactly like architectural shingles, cedar shingles, slate and concrete tile. These stone coated steel versions provide all the endurance benefits of metal while enhancing the style and curb appeal of the home. There are also natural metals like copper and titanium that give a home an elegant, unique style.

Whatever a consumer's goals for a new roof, metal offers unquestionable economic, performance, safety and style advantages.

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