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Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular on both commercial and residential structures. This type of roofing lasts longer than most other types, including wood and asphalt shingles. Although tile and slate roofing both last longer, metal roofing is cheaper. Metal roofing is commonly found on older houses and, therefore, can have a retro charm when installed.

Standing seam panel roofing is the type of metal roofing most likely to be installed by Jacksonville roofing companies today. Standing seam panels run vertically along the roof and are generally made of galvanized steel or aluminum. The panels are painted, so there are many colors to choose from. Furthermore, standing seam panels are light and generally weigh only 1 pound per square foot. This means that they can often be used over existing composition shingles.

Because metal roofing is different from other types of roofing, installing it calls for professional experience and a few special tools. This is especially true for fastening the panels on the eaves, rake, valleys and ridges of a roof. Installing metal roofing on shallow roofs is trickier than installing it on steeper ones.

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However, metal roofing can be installed on roofs with a pitch as shallow as 1/4 inch per foot, providing that the person installing it has the skills and tools to do so.

Even when installed by professionals, it is especially important to consult the manufacturer's manual before metal roofing is installed. The first step in installing standing seam panel roofing is to lay down 30 pound felt. Then, the eaves trim is screwed in with the help of some sealant. One foot to 16 1/2 inches panels are then laid down working up the roof to the ridge. The panels must be square with the roof before they are clipped down.

Next, the rake edge is fastened. From there, the remaining panels are joined on the roof. There are not many exposed fasteners in standing seam roofing; fasteners should be visible only at the eaves and rakes. Clips and sealant are used to join the panels, but there should not be too much sealant visible. No adhesive is needed to attach the panels to the felt underlayment. Valley flashing is installed after other types except for ridge flashing. The final step is to seal the ridges of the roof.

When installing metal roofing, contact must be avoided with other metals because corrosion can result. Therefore, items like copper gutters have to be replaced. Some vent collars or sleeves that contain metal must also be replaced.

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