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A TPO roof membrane is made of thermoplastic olefin. It is a single ply roofing system that was introduced into the marketplace in the early 1990s. More economical than PVC products, this membrane is a three layer design that takes advantage of assorted fillers like carbon fibers, fiberglass, talc, rubber and other products. Like PVC and EPDM rubber roofs, TPO membranes offer homeowners and businesses an energy efficient option at a cost typically lower than PVC roofing materials.

Businesses will appreciate TPO's durability. The specialized technology binds together rubber, ethylene gas and propylene. The fillers help to improve the membrane's structure and longevity. It resists dirt, mold, punctures and tears. Impact damage from strong winds will be greatly reduced. In addition, its flexibility also allows the material to retain its shape as the building settles. It can also handle a building's tendency to expand and contract better than other single ply alternatives.

In addition, the membrane is lightweight and reasonably easy for a local Jacksonville roofing expert to install. Available in two different thicknesses, the sheets are approximately six feet wide. That means fewer seams and lower installation costs.

Homeowners will love TPO's look as well as its design.

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Available in reflective black, light gray or white options, the roof will go well with the home's appearance. Homeowners don't have to settle for white colors exclusively in order to get an energy efficient roof. The black alternative is also UV resistant, but, if heat is an issue, white offers better reflective properties. That can significantly lower energy costs and keep the home or building cool during the warm summer months.

Not all TPO membranes are of the same quality, however. Since this is a relatively new product, manufacturers are still trying to find a reasonable balance between cost and durability. Some brands perform better than others, so if homeowners or businesses are seriously considering this alternative, they will want to make sure the contractor they use has extensive product knowledge and experience in working with this type of roof.

Cheaper products are susceptible to the seams coming apart or leaks when the weather is hot. Most reputable manufacturers have corrected these issues, but choosing a dependable brand is still the best option. Also, look for a manufacturer that has been around for several years and avoid those that offer comparatively low pricing. The thicker membrane will give homeowners the best performance. Be sure to pick a product that comes with a realistic warranty. That way, homeowners and businesses can be sure they are getting the best value for their money.

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