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One of the greatest investments a homeowner can make is an update to their insulation. Older homes usually have substandard insulation or none at all. This often results in a cold home that requires constant heat. With brand new insulation, homes become more comfortable and energy efficient. Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to create the most efficient insulation to date.

It is important for homeowners to get the right type of insulation for different areas of the home because not all insulation is made the same. There are a variety of different protection levels, allowing the home to be perfectly insulated throughout. A Jacksonville roofing company can help homeowners determine which insulation will be most effective based on the home's location and layout.

Insulation comes in a number of different ratings. To the uninformed, these numbers can be quite confusing. However, they are an important value that helps to determine the level of protection the insulation provides. An insulation rating is based on how well it resists heat flow. The main purpose of insulation is to prevent heat from escaping and entering the home. This measurement is represented as an R Value.

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During installation, homeowners should use a variety of products with different R Values. While it may be tempting to just use insulation with the highest R Value throughout the home, this isn't always the best choice. Not only does the price of insulation go up with a higher R Value, but not every home needs the maximum amount of protection. Homes in warmer climates don't need to have as much protection as those in cooler environments. To save money, homeowners can put the higher quality insulation in areas of their home that need it most.

One of the most important areas to insulate is the attic. Because attics are located directly underneath the roof, they experience the most sunlight. In the summer, the attic is always the first area to become hot, eventually spreading throughout the home. In the winter months, the attic is where heat is lost. Since heat rises, the attic experiences the most heat. It is recommended to get insulation with an R Value of 49 for attics.

Homeowners can plan their insulation based on the needs of the home. Exterior walls often receive insulation with high R Values as well. Basements and floors usually receive insulation with the lowest R Value. By planning ahead, homeowners can make their home comfortable without breaking the bank.

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