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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Inspecting Hail Damage To A Roof

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All homeowners expect their asphalt shingle roof to withstand extreme weather. However, when hail begins to bounce off the windows and strike the roof, a homeowner may worry about potential damage. While it is likely that the roof will hold against the storm, it is also likely that damages to the shingles may occur. If this damage is not fixed in a timely manner, the roof may begin to leak, which can cause huge problems down the road. A homeowner can inspect the damage themselves, but a professional Jacksonville roofing contractor has been trained to quickly assess hail damage and mitigate any problems resulting from the storm.

For the untrained homeowner, it can often be difficult to determine whether shingle damage has been caused by hail or general wear. Over the course of their lives, asphalt shingles often naturally lose the mineral granules that coat the roof, leaving large bald spots of unprotected shingles. The exposed shingles will then begin to show their own wear and may crack or split. While hail damage also causes the roof to lose its mineral granules, the difference is that this happens very quickly. Thus, the newly exposed shingle material does not have time to wear. The loss of granules may also occur in irregularly-shaped areas of the roof.

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Even with this information, it can still be difficult for a homeowner to determine that hail damage to their roof has occurred. However, if the homeowner has ensured that their gutters were clean prior to the storm, the homeowner can use their drainage system to look for hail damage. When the roof loses its granules very suddenly, as it does in a hail storm, much of those granules are likely to end up in the gutters all at once. Additionally, those granules may be found scattered around the perimeter of the home. In cases where the granules have been lost due to wear, it is likely that no granules will be found in the gutter system.

Because hail damage can be difficult to spot, especially if the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is recommended that homeowners have a roofer annually inspect the roof before the storm season begins. If a major hail storm does occur and the homeowner finds signs that the roof may have been damaged, it is recommended that they contact their expert roofer for an immediate inspection to determine if any repairs are needed.

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