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Hurricane season is one of the longest severe weather seasons of the year. In the Atlantic coast area, a hurricane is possible anytime from the beginning of the month of June until the end of November. This means, for almost half of the year, homeowners near the coast run the risk of their homes being damaged by these powerful storms. While there is no way to prevent a hurricane from causing damage to a home, homeowners can contact Jacksonville roofing contractors to inspect their homes before the start of the hurricane season. By undergoing an annual inspection and setting aside ample time to repair any minor or major faults before the start of hurricane season, homeowners can attempt to minimize the extent of the damage caused by severe weather.

The roof is one of the most important parts of any building, and it is essential that it is well maintained. Damage to the roof can result in the entire structural integrity of the building being compromised by flooding or other damage. Hurricanes can cause many kinds of damage depending upon their strength and the integrity of the building. By ensuring sealants are properly attached and that there are no missing shingles or patches of the roof needing repair, homeowners can make sure that a hurricane will not have any advantage when it makes landfall.

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Once a homeowner has made sure that their roof is in top condition, they may consider taking on additional methods of protecting their roof. There are ways to secure the roof by having it reinforced. When a roof has been reinforced, it is more likely to be able to withstand the high winds and torrential rain that come with hurricanes. Many times, it is done by using two by fours to overlap the already installed infrastructure.

Some roofing companies recommend that their customers use hurricane straps in order to avoid hurricane damage. Hurricane straps are made from a galvanized metal, and they can be added to most styles of roof. These straps may save an entire home in the event of a serious storm because the straps keep the roof from being blown off the house.

At the end of the day, the roof is an integral part of any building. The loss of or damage to the roof can result in substantial damage to the entire structure. It is important to take preventative measures and take care of the roof to gain an advantage against severe weather.

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