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Tile shingles have a beautiful look that many homeowners in Florida appreciate. Often made from clay that manufacturers shape by hand and fire in a traditional kiln, the tiles can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and last for 50 to 100 years or even longer. Some newer tiles feature a concrete construction that manufacturers make in large molds, and manufacturers can add colored dyes to change the color of the finished tiles. When homeowners find one or more of the tiles on their roofs broken, they can work with Jacksonville roofing companies to replace those damaged shingles.

Some people think repairing broken tiles is as easy as pulling off the old shingle and laying a new one down in its place. The process actually begins with a simple inspection that lets the contractor examine the membrane beneath the shingles. Tile roofs often feature a plywood membrane with a layer of tarpaper on top. The plywood acts as the support structure for the roof, and the tarpaper acts as a waterproof barrier. If the tarpaper or membrane shows any signs of rotting or other damage, the contractor will need to repair that damage before installing the shingles.

Manufacturers often change designs and add new colors, and the contractor will need to ensure that he or she can find a replacement tile that matches the color, size and shape of the tiles on the roof.

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This may require a special order, which can add weeks to the job.

Clay and concrete tiles require some type of anchor that keeps the tiles stable on the roof. Most contractors use a combination of nails and clips. The clips secure the tiles to the roof membrane, and the nails add ensure that the tile shingles won't move during high winds or storms. Contractors must be careful not to damage or break any of the other shingles when standing on the roof.

As some homes feature dormers, chimneys and other elements that change the layout of the roof, some contractors may need to cut the tiles to fit around those elements. They usually use a small notching tool to cut a notch in the tile and then break it along the notch to create a flat edge. This allows them to create tiles that will fit to the exact shape and size needed on the roof. Contractors have the tools necessary to cut both clay and concrete replacement tile shingles.

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