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Energy efficiency in roofing is very attainable with multiple options available. The ideal roof will offer a great appearance, provide protection against weather and provide energy efficiency. A Jacksonville roofing contractor can discuss many different options in roofing that are eco friendly. Homeowners should learn about the possibilities that offer the best fit for an environmentally conscious upgrade.

The first and most popular choice in green roofing options is metal roofing. A metal roof is both environmentally friendly and very efficient, and newer products in metal roofing have gained momentum on the market. Metal roofs can be very quiet, contrary to popular belief. They are recyclable and most often manufactured at least in some part from recycled metal. Lasting up to 50 years, a metal roof is very durable and requires little maintenance.

Metal roofs help save in energy costs by reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it into the decking and attic space. This reflection of sunlight keeps the interior of the house cooler in hot months, lowering the impact on the air conditioner. Metal roofing painted a lighter color is called a cool metal roof and is even more energy efficient.

Another popular choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner is a roof made of wood shingles or shakes. These are natural products made most often from red or white cedar.

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Wood shingles or shakes are very beautiful and will typically last over 50 years. They are environmentally friendly in that they can be recycled and chipped into mulch. These materials are also energy efficient because they insulate and protect the attic area from extreme heat and cold.

Clay tiles make one of the best options for those interested in having a low environmental impact. While much more expensive initially than most other options, clay tiles will often outlast the rest of the building. These materials are very low maintenance, and the materials are recyclable at the end of the life of the roof. The clay tiles act as an insulator much like the wood shingles. This also protects the interior from extreme temperatures. Not only are these tiles eco friendly, but they are also very beautiful and add value to the property.

Any of these options can also apply the "cool roof" technique. This concept involves painting a light color on the roofing material itself to further reflect the rays of the sun. A cool roof is easy to add to most roofing materials and will help with energy efficiency regardless of the material of the roof.

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