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Homeowners looking to build a home with a bit of a rustic touch should consider getting a gambrel roof. The bucolic roof style is commonly associated with barns, but it can provide a lot of practical function when used on a home. Homeowners should examine the pros and cons of a gambrel roof with a Jacksonville roofing professional to better determine if it's a good choice for their property.

Gambrel roofs have a unique shape that sets them apart. Where normal gable roofs consist of two slopes on either side, gambrel roofs have dual sloped sides. The upper portion of the roof has a steeper slope while the bottom portion is shallower. Construction of a gambrel roof requires more materials and fine craftsmanship, so homeowners should expect to pay a bit more for this style of roof. However, many homeowners will find that the initial cost is well worth the investment due to the design's many benefits.

With gambrel roofs, space is plentiful. They have a significantly higher pitch than other roof designs, providing homeowners with plenty of adaptable space. When constructed on barns, the added headroom is often used for storage.

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However, homeowners can choose to make the extra space livable by creating additional rooms or a loft space. With the addition of dormers, an entirely new floor can be created, increasing the home's overall square footage. These roofs are also very stable. Gambrel roofs can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Modern building materials have allowed gambrel roofs to be more stable than the gambrel roofs of yesteryear.

While these roofs have great benefits, there are a few negatives to think about. One of the biggest downfalls of gambrel roofing is vulnerability to severe weather, which could ultimately limit where they can be used. Typically, gambrel roofs perform very well in mild weather conditions. However, severe winds can cause some damage due to the large size of the roof. They also require frequent maintenance. To ensure that the roof is providing the protection in needs to, homeowner must periodically repaint and reseal it.

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose to go with gambrel roofing is style. These roofs have an unmistakably mature look that is reminiscent of colonial America. Homes with gambrel roofs will stand out from other homes in the neighborhood. With all of their great benefits, the design is something homeowners should consider implementing in their new home.

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