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Gabled roofs are the most common style of roofs in residential homes. The style has been used for hundreds of years and is instantly recognizable. It provides a number of advantages to homeowners, which is why the style is so popular. Homeowners constructing a new home should look into different roofing options and consult with a Jacksonville roofing company. By understanding the benefits that come with a gable roof, homeowners can better decide if it is a good fit for their new home.

The biggest advantage of gable style roofing is the price. They are fairly easy to design and install. Many construction and roofing companies can design a gable roof to fit over any type of home, regardless of the size and layout. It is versatile in nature, allowing the design to be split up to add visual interest while covering every part of the home. There is nothing difficult about the construction and installation of these roofs, which helps to lower the cost. It is one of the most economical roof styles available.

Gabled roofs also perform exceptionally well. Essentially, these roofs are shaped like an upside down V. They can extend high above the home depending on the structural requirements of the home. This results in a steep slope. The slope will provide excellent roof draining, which keeps the home safer.

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The triangular shape of the roof also provides stability to the home. It strengthens the overall structural integrity of the home to keep it safe from inclement weather.

Homeowners can see the benefits of a gabled roof inside the house as well. Because they are so tall, homes will have more ceiling space. The tall ceilings are great for creating an open space that feels grand. Alternatively, the extra ceiling space can be used to add more square footage. With higher gabled roofs, homeowners can add rooms and dormers to maximize the space.

The only real disadvantage to this style of roof is its vulnerability to wind gusts. Homes in areas prone to tornadoes shouldn't incorporate this style of roof into their home. The height of the roof creates more surface area, which can be an issue for harsh winds. The home will be exposed to a lot of force and could potentially become damaged.

Overall, gabled roofs are an excellent option for homeowners looking for space and security. The versatility and strength of gabled roofs have made them a popular option for homes across the world. Homeowners should contact a professional to see if a gabled roof is a good option for their home.

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