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When it comes to leaking roofs, the size of the leak doesn't matter. In fact, the smaller the leak, the harder it is is find and the more damage it can do. Leaks can lead to moldy insulation, rotting rafters, crumbling wooden structures and even problems with the electrical power. If allowed to grow, mold will affect the health of the family. Electrical problems might cause a fire. For those reasons, ignoring a leak can be dangerous.

However, finding the source of the leak isn't easy. Even if water is seeping through the ceiling of the attic, the leak can be coming from a different spot than directly above where the water is dripping. Hiring a Jacksonville roofing expert to run down and fix the leak will always be the quickest way to go. Yet, knowing when to call them can be tricky. Avoiding larger repair bills and increased damage is obviously the aim, especially since a moldy pile of leaves clogging up the gutter can lead to a total attic renovation.

Many homeowners consider leaks in the roof to be a simple nuisance that can be ignored for a while. Yet, leaks are warning signs that the roof is having problems.

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They need to be tended to right away. Signs like the sound of dripping water or moisture seeping through the ceiling are not always present as leaks can be hidden and discrete. Their damage won't be, so it's always a good idea to hire a professional to do regular checkups on the roof. That way, non obvious problems can be spotted quickly and attended to before the problem becomes worse. A professional is essential if invasive measures need to be taken to find the leak.

Suspicious signs that few homeowners pay attention to might be peeling paint in the attic, a ceiling that is beginning to slope or water stains on the upper walls and ceiling. Dark patches on the shingles that look like dirt or stains are also not something that homeowners want to ignore. They indicate an algae or mold problem that could have already spread into the insulation or wooden structures of the roof. Gutters that don't drain properly, cracks in the piping or gutters pulling away from the fascia board can also indicate potential leak problems.

More pressing problems won't be visible from the ground, but a professional roofer will be able to check out the flashing, chimney collar, skylights, dormers, roof ridges and other typical areas where roofing problems are commonly found.

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