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A number of different roof styles can be constructed for homeowners who are replacing their home's existing roof or planning for a new construction. Roofs styles have changed dramatically over the years as contemporary architectural design has evolved. Older roof styles can still be a unique addition to a home, making them desirable to homeowners. Dutch hip roofs are less common than modern roofs and provide a bit of Old World charm. Homeowners who are considering a Dutch hip roof should understand the benefits and risks that the roof has. They should also contact a Jacksonville roofing company to see if the style is a practical choice for their home.

Dutch hip roofs have a unique design that sets the style apart from other homes. Essentially, it is a combination of a traditional hip roof with the addition of a gable. The gable is located at the top of the roof where all of the sides would meet if it were a traditional hip roof. However, the gable is built onto the larger sides of the roof, providing a seamless appearance. Dutch hip roofs can be difficult to design and build due to the complicated support structure. This can make the roof cost substantially more than a simple gable roof.

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These roofs have a number of great benefits. One of the benefits it provides is ventilation. The gable on top of the roof can be equipped with electric powered ventilators or a simple air grille. This will help to provide fresh air into the home, which ultimately makes it more comfortable. Dutch hip roofs also provide more shade than traditional roof designs. Because there are no vertical walls, the perimeter of the roof must have eaves. The eaves provide shade, which will cool down the home and reduce energy costs. The extra eaves also protect the home's exterior walls from weather damage.

While Dutch roofs are great for keeping the home protected and cool, they do limit storage possibilities. The design of the roof naturally reduces attic space, which could be a problem for some homeowners. Additionally, the slope of the roof may eliminate some headroom, potentially causing a problem during roof and ceiling maintenance.

Overall, Dutch hip roofs are a great option for homeowners who are looking to get something a bit different. While they may not have the space that other roof types have, they do excel in protecting the home from damage.

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