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Aluminum is currently dominating as the most popular material for gutters in American homes today. However, homeowners who are considering purchasing new gutters should not be solely influenced by popular demand. In addition to being much more durable than aluminum, copper gutters offer style versatility, and they are relatively low maintenance. When choosing new gutters, homeowners should consult a trusted Jacksonville roofing professional for guidance in properly weighing the benefits and disadvantages of the available gutter options in light of their home's needs.

Copper gutters are especially favorable in extreme climates as they are able to withstand virtually any weather. If the local weather dramatically shifts from extreme cold to warm temperatures or storms frequently roll in, homeowners can feel confident that their copper gutters are less likely to weaken. Furthermore, if properly installed, copper gutters will not sag or fall off the home, and they can be expected to remain in place for many years.

When searching for a more durable gutter product, consumers are often delighted to find that copper is available in many different styles and designs. Copper gutters are available in both the traditional half round profile and the more popular K-style.

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They are even available with various design patterns embossed into the metal. Many people love copper for the beautiful patina it develops after several years of weathering naturally.

Copper is also an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for an option that requires less maintenance. Like all gutters, copper gutters need to be cleaned regularly to eliminate built up debris. However, aside from regular cleanings, copper gutters require virtually no additional upkeep. To further reduce the need to follow a maintenance schedule, some may even opt to have a protection system installed to keep debris out of the gutters.

While the initial cost of installing copper gutters may seem expensive, homeowners who are considering copper should be aware that the upfront cost is offset by minimal maintenance and repair over the lifetime of the product. In fact, the home would likely go through several life cycles of aluminum gutters before copper gutters would need to be replaced once. Therefore, the high price of installation is an investment in future peace of mind and greatly reduced hassle.

Upon deciding to have copper gutters installed, consumers should carefully choose a roofing technician who is specifically experienced with copper gutter products. Proper installation is vital to fully realizing the durability and nearly maintenance free characteristics of copper.

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