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When homeowners consider a new roofing renovation, they often turn to asphalt shingles. While these materials are hallmarks of the home improvement industry, Jacksonville roofing professionals have alternative options. Concrete tiles are strong roofing materials with a distinct appearance to match nearly any home decor. Before installing these materials, however, contractors and homeowners must discuss concrete features as they apply to a particular structure.

Although concrete tiles are relatively small, they do add up in weight as they're laid across a roof surface. In fact, concrete tiles can weigh up to 12 pounds over one square foot compared to shingles at 4 pounds per square foot. Contractors must survey the roof to verify whether it can take the extra concrete tile weight. For most modern structures, the weight can be supported without much renovation.

Standard asphalt shingles usually require #15 roofing felt as an underlayment, but concrete tiles must have a thicker material. Thin roofing felt won't support the concrete, leaving the roof deck vulnerable to leaks into the attic interior. Contractors often call for #30 or #40 roofing felt to create a thick underlayment layer. As a result, homeowners will notice a more expensive materials cost with concrete tiles compared with asphalt shingles.

Concrete tiles will fade slightly over time.

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They are usually a light color, such as brick red or beige, making them fade visibly from sunlight exposure. However, the color change is minimal and may not make a dramatic difference to homeowners over time. In comparison, black asphalt shingles fade to a gray tone which is noticeable even from the curb over the years.

The main benefit to concrete tiles is their durability. Unlike other materials lasting about 30 years, concrete can remain viable for up to 50 years. If homeowners remain in at the property, they may never replace the roof again in their lifetime. With this longevity in mind, residents must evaluate installation cost and their investment in the property. A concrete tile roof could actually cost a homeowner less than asphalt shingles if they take the investment and compare it to the potential years in service.

Roofing professionals have varying experiences with different materials, so be sure to contract with a reputable company. They may have awards or certificates noting their achievements with concrete tiles, for instance. Even look over past roofing projects to see the finished products. Seeing a clean and precise roofing installation can solidify confidence in a contractor for life.

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