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The front door may be used more than any other door in a home. Because of constant use, front doors can break and deteriorate in quality. This can drive down the value of the home and affect its overall curb appeal. A decaying door can be more of a problem than just an eyesore. It can lead to insulation issues that increase energy costs. There are a few ways to tell if a door needs replacing. By checking a few key areas, homeowners will be able to determine if they need to call a Jacksonville roofing company for a new installation.

One way to tell if a door is damaged is by opening and closing it. A door in good condition will open seamlessly without catching onto anything. A door shouldn't be difficult to open or stick. A common issue that causes the door to stick is warping, which is usually an issue for doors made from wood. However, it can also affect wooden jambs and vinyl trim pieces, causing the door to catch. When a door is exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as dramatic temperature changes, it will expand and shrink. This eventually causes the door to warp, creating gaps between the door and threshold.

Homeowners should examine the door for wear and tear since it is exposed to the elements daily.

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Excessive heat from the sun, wind and a number of other weather conditions eventually will take a toll on it. While front doors are designed to withstand harsh conditions, discoloration, dents, rust and cracks are all telltale signs that the door should be repaired or replaced.

The final element to look for is damage to the components surrounding the door. The door relies on many other parts to function properly including the jamb, frame and threshold. These parts are all susceptible to damage from the elements. Frames and thresholds are especially prone to rotting. Jambs are vulnerable to physical damage from slammed doors. Cracks near the locking mechanism are very common, rendering the door completely useless. In some cases, a simple replacement of these parts will cause the door to function properly. However, if these parts are sold together with the door, it may just be worth replacing the door altogether.

Doors aren't meant to last forever and can experience damage from regular use and harsh weather conditions. By checking the door and its components, homeowners will be able to assess the damage and determine if getting a brand new door is the best option.

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