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Florida features a number of Spanish revival, mission revival and Mediterranean style homes. One of the key features of those homes is the tile roof found on top. Usually made from clay tiles that manufacturers make by hand and fire in a wood kiln, roof tiles add color and texture to the home's exterior. Tile shingles come in two different varieties, and both varieties have some advantages and disadvantages.

When many people think of tile roofs, they think of clay tiles. Manufacturers make clay tiles by hand or by machine. Tiles made by machines are less expensive but lack the elegant look of handmade tiles. With proper care and maintenance, these tiles can last for up to 100 years or longer. Some companies even make tiles that are resistant to chipping and fading. Older tiles often become lighter due to constant exposure to the sun.

Those looking for an affordable roofing material will often find that clay tiles are outside their price range. These are one of the more expensive types of shingles. The other downside to clay is that it isn't as strong as asphalt and other shingles. A Jacksonville roofing contractor without experience working with clay may crack and otherwise break the tiles by simply walking across the roof doing a routine inspection.

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A new alternative to clay tiles is concrete. Though similar to the concrete used on foundations, patios and swimming pools, it is more dependable and durable. Manufacturers add powdered dyes when mixing each batch, which turns the mixture into a range of shades, including darker browns and reds and lighter blues and greens. Homeowners can even choose the shade they want and purchase a customized batch of roofing tiles. The concrete then goes into molds and cures for several weeks until it's ready for use on roofs.

Though some think concrete is too heavy for use on a roof, these tiles are just as lightweight as those made from clay are. Concrete can cost up to 50 percent less than clay does, but homeowners should also be aware of some potential problems. These shingles generally last for 50 years or less and are susceptible to the same damage as clay when people walk across the roof. Concrete tiles do not come in the same color range or number of designs as clay does. Homeowners can get help choosing between the two materials when working with a trustworthy contractor.

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