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Though metals have been used in roofing application for centuries, they are experiencing a modern resurgence in popularity. Homeowners are rethinking their roofs and making the shift to metal for numerous reasons. Zinc is one metal that is particularly favored for roofing upgrades. In addition to its use for aesthetic enhancement, zinc has longevity, is highly protective and requires less maintenance than many other materials. Knowledgeable Jacksonville roofing contractors are able to help homeowners better understand the benefits and downsides of zinc roofing.

Zinc roofing first made its debut in the United States during the early 1800s. In Europe, the metal's popularity was cyclic, but eventually it became the most popular roofing material and now over approximately 70 percent of European residential buildings. In the U.S. today, roofers have a renewed interest in zinc as a protective measure against moss damage and corrosion in addition to many other roofing applications.

One of zinc's most desirable features is its ability to resist corrosion. As the metal is exposed to weathering agents over time, it develops a protective patina. To many, the patina is attractive in appearance, and it makes the metal more durable, enabling the metal to self repair in the event that it becomes scratched or otherwise sustains surface damage. In some instances, zinc roofs have been known to last 100 years.

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Builders and homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in environmentally sustainable construction and renovation. For homeowners who wish to upgrade their roof by making the switch to a sustainable material, zinc is worth considering. A relatively low melting point makes it possible to produce a zinc roof with less energy when compared to other metals. Zinc is also 100 percent recyclable and will not take up space in a landfill when a roof replacement is required. Therefore, environmentally conscious homeowners can breathe easy in knowing that their roof is made of a material that can easily be used repeatedly.

When opting to have zinc roofing installed, homeowners must carefully select a roofing specialist who is thoroughly familiar with zinc. The roofing technician must be certain that the home meets extensive requirements prior to installing the roof; therefore, avoiding error is critical.

For many homeowners, the installation cost of zinc may be a significant downside. However, a zinc roof is an investment in a product that will require much less maintenance than other types of roofing in addition to offering durability and even the ability to repair itself. Therefore, the money and time saved on upkeep and repair will offset the initial investment over time.

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