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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a "cool roof" choice could make a huge difference in home temperatures during the summer months. When darker materials are installed on a rooftop, temperatures can be up to 50 degrees higher than with a cool roof solution. While a homeowner may not want to be troubled with issues such as solar reflectance values, it may be useful to consult a Jacksonville roofing company to discuss options in cool roofing.

There are several benefits for the homeowner who selects cooler materials. One of the most important advantages of cool roofing material is the resulting lower temperature that occurs on the roof and in the home. Because the roof is a significant part of the home's infrastructure, the heat gained at the roof can be a major factor in internal temperatures. As a home's heat gain is minimized, the demand for cooling activity during the summer months can also be reduced. In fact, recent reports have found that the cooling demand at the height of the summer heat can be reduced by 10 to 15 percent. Overall, cool roofing can reduce household energy costs by up to 50 percent. Exact results will depend on various other factors, but it is clear that cool roofing can make a big difference in a homeowner's operating budget.

Improved comfort levels in the home can also benefit residents through better health levels.

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In areas that are prone to high temperatures during the summer months, heat related illnesses can be a significant cause of death. However, a better structured house results in a more comfortable living space. It is important to note that humid climates can create a greater risk of mold and algae growth on a cool roof, making it important to keep up with seasonal maintenance and cleaning tasks with the aid of a roofing professional.

The community at large can benefit dramatically from the installation of cool roofing systems as well. Higher energy usage levels can facilitate greater levels of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Because of this, any action that reduces energy consumption can be attributed to reducing an area's air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Homeowners may wonder if the cost of a cool roofing system is reasonable in light of the benefits. If a roofing upgrade is needed, cool roofing makes sense because the materials are typically comparable in pricing to materials that do not promote cooler roof temperatures. If the home's roofing system is intact, it may be helpful to discuss costs and benefits with a contractor to determine the value of an early upgrade.

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