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Having been only used on warehouses and industrial property for so long, metal roofing is becoming popular on homes all over the world. A metal roof can be beautiful and very low maintenance. Metal roofing today is aesthetically pleasing and designed in many different colors and styles. Jacksonville roofing professionals will be more than happy to explain the different types of metal roofing available for any type of property.

Among the many benefits of metal roofing, one of the most impressive is how much energy is saved. Asphalt shingles, for example, will absorb the rays of the sun and heat the attic space of the building. A hotter attic space has an impact on all the interiors, creating more strain on the air conditioner to keep the space cool. A metal roof reflects the rays of the sun, keeping the attic space at a lower temperature. This energy efficiency saves money on energy costs every month. In addition, metal roofing materials are recyclable with a lower impact on landfills.

Some homeowners assume that metal materials are only available on a flat roof. They also assume that a metal roof is very loud in rain and storms. Both of these are incorrect. In fact, metal roofing materials are available for practically any pitch of roof.

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A metal roof is also just as quiet as architectural asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is available in nearly any color, making it a good choice for most home designs.

One of the other positive attributes is the lifespan of a metal roof. Unlike typical asphalt roofing, a metal roof can last between 40 and 50 years. Maintaining a metal roof is very easy when compared to other options like wood or asphalt shingles. Installing a metal roof is more expensive initially than asphalt shingles but still less expensive than many other options. They are designed to be highly resistant to severe weather and are more fire resistant than most other materials. For many insurance companies, a metal roof will result in a discount on the premium.

With all the options available in roofing materials, metal is among the most versatile. Different metals such as zinc, steel and aluminum produce a different look, weight and texture. This variety means that there is a different look available for any type of building. A well installed, beautiful metal roof can add value to the property as well. For these reasons, metal has become one of the fastest growing roofing materials in popularity.

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