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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Advantages Of The Saltbox Roof

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Saltbox roofing has always been a classic style of architecture in North America. It is one of the oldest styles that are still regularly used in the modern day and part of an architectural tradition that dates back to the Colonial era in New England. Jacksonville roofing experts will usually offer this structure as a part of their services as it is a very efficient and advantageous form of roofing.

The saltbox roof can be described as an extension of a gable roof that was originally developed for single family homes. It can add versatile and usable living space with a small, one story shed built at the rear of another home as an addition to it. In this way, the roof is extended to encompass the smaller structure as well, resulting in an asymmetric home with the distinct appearance of the roof being higher at the house's front than at its back.

The distinct style of this roof can be either its greatest aesthetic strength or weakness. Many homeowners will either fall in love or immediately hate the asymmetrical lines. The home's value will usually depend on such personal preferences as the unique style can be seen as a point of visual interest or a tremendous architectural flaw. No matter how people feel about the appearance, there is no denying the unique presence of this traditional roofing style.

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Saltbox roofs are also much easier to construct than most other systems. This is a classic advantage because the new roof can simply be built off an existing structure, following a logical progression. Usually, the biggest decision that contractors will face is whether the roof's existing slope will need to be modified at its join or if it can be continued through the same angle as the rest of the slope.

The saltbox roof is also extremely weather resistant. When its natural shape and structural advantages are paired with the right shingles and treatments, these rooftops can shed water exceptionally well. The pitch built with these roofs makes it difficult for water to collect, resulting in less moisture damage and potential structural damage, which may be caused by the accumulated weight of standing water.

Finally, the structure can provide customers with a variety of energy saving opportunities. Because of how simple they are in their design, these roofs are much easier to insulate. Proper insulation and ventilation can reduce the thermal transfer between the home's exterior and interior, resulting in low cooling and heating bills for the long term.

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