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When choosing gutters, homeowners must decide on a profile. In the U.S., the K shaped gutter is the most popular profile. However, half round gutters are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Although the half round style has been in use for many years, today's version of the half round offers more variety. Having the help of a dedicated Jacksonville roofing contractor can make navigating the world of gutter profiles an easier process for everyday consumers.

A carryover from European architecture, virtually all gutters in United States during the early 1900s were of the half round profile. Therefore, the half round shape is considered to be traditional in appearance when compared to the K shape, which emerged in the 1950s. Today's half round gutters are available in a variety of colors and widths, and they may be installed as segmented pieces or seamless units. While aluminum is the most common gutter material across both profiles, half round gutters are also available in zinc, copper and galvanized, or zinc coated, metal.

Homeowners and builders typically choose the half round profile when their goal is to create a historical or prestigious exterior. Half round gutters are particularly complementary to older homes. In newer constructions, the traditional, rounded shape is a distinct deviation from the common K style; therefore, new constructions that feature the half round profile are visually set apart from other homes on the market.

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For many homeowners, the upgrade to the rounded profile is well worth the overall investment in increased value and curb appeal.

In addition to being aesthetically desirable, half round gutters are also low maintenance and practical. Because the half round profile has a smoother shape, these gutters are less prone to corrosion. Rounded gutters are also easier to keep clean as waterborne debris will flow through more easily and result in less clogging. Less clogging ultimately requires less cleaning on behalf of the homeowner.

Before deciding on half round gutters, there are certain factors homeowners should consider. These gutters tend to be heavier than their K style counterparts are. Roofing weight is a very significant concern as the strength of the underlying structure of the house will determine the maximum permitted weight of the roofing materials. Installation also requires special parts such as threaded rods and hanger brackets. Nevertheless, half round gutters are certainly worthy of consideration, especially for homeowners and builders who wish to add value and give the home a more luxurious appearance with the advantage of reduced maintenance requirements.

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