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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Advantages Of EPDM Roofing

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Homeowners should always try to match their rooftop needs with the right roofing materials. While tiles and shingles are standard options for roofs that have varying degrees of pitch, flat rooftop options are a little bit different. Jacksonville roofing professionals will recommended that homeowners invest in coverings that can protect the surface of their roofs as necessary according to the individual's region and available budget. One of the most commonly chosen materials is known as EPDM, and it can provide customers with the style and functionality they need to ensure the longevity of their flat roof.

EPDM is a special elastomeric compound that is developed from a mixture of ethylene, propylene and diene monomer. All ingredients in this mixture are chosen to create a product that is capable of withstanding the most extreme degrees of weathering, abrasive damage, elemental damage and moisture. This material is commonly available in black and dark gray colors, and its smooth surface creates a rigid foundation that resembles slate. After successful installation, there will be no granules left, resulting in a very smooth, matte surface that can be visually pleasing and highly durable.

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Because of its appearance, it is ideal for use in commercial locations and is a particularly good addition to modern homes that feature a darker exterior.

The average EPDM rooftop installation is safe and quick. There is no fire or heavy machinery required; all that professionals need to do is unroll the EPDM material and attach it carefully according to the seams and details. Because of its ease of installation and how much less energy it requires, it is often more affordable to install as well. Despite its light weight and single ply membrane, it is capable of providing homeowners with a large variety of physical advantages that can make it the superior roofing choice.

One of the most immediately visible benefits is the high return it provides homeowners on their investment. This material is capable of lasting anywhere between 20 and 30 years with proper maintenance, and replacements are as simple as removing the existing layer and unrolling a new one. The surface is very resistant to ponding and physical abrasion and it remains strong and flexible, even during the winter. It is capable of resisting extreme heat and can be easy to augment with different additions, such as satellite dishes, as required. Its smooth and easy to clean surface also means that homeowners will have much fewer maintenance requirements and pressing concerns to worry about.

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