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Roof maintenance isn't always considered a high priority when caring for a home. The landscaping, keeping the outside of the house clean and painted and even replacing a window often have higher priority. While a missing shingle or a tree branch falling onto the roof are obvious things that need to be taken care of right away, homeowners often allow regular maintenance chores to go unattended. That can be a big mistake.

Regular maintenance can help homeowners spot and fix small problems before they turn into more costly problems. In addition, having a dependable Jacksonville roofing company play a major role in a maintenance plan can greatly extend the life of the roof. Little problems can cause a lot of damage, and taking care of the little things in a timely manner will add more curb appeal to the home and cause homeowners to feel good about their investment.

Generally, roof inspections are done once or twice a year. While homeowners might feel that they are qualified to inspect their own roofing situation, most aren't. Most roof issues can't be seen from the ground. A professional roofing expert must climb up onto the roof to examine it. Depending on the slope of the roof, the type and condition of the shingles and current weather conditions, it can be quite dangerous for homeowners to inspect the roof themselves.

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In addition, most homeowners don't know what to look for or how to properly fix a problem they find.

Damage and irregularities can manifest in the shingles, but it's more likely to find pinholes or uneven flashing where it has started to lift up. Fractured caulking or standing water hidden into a valley is also quite common. Streaks of algae on the roof, leaking skylights or debris scattered across the roof or crammed into the gutters can also be problematic. However, cleaning off the roof can be just as hazardous for a homeowner as inspecting the roof. A good maintenance plan will include servicing the roof along with a checkup.

Something a homeowner can do is to keep the trees trimmed back. Roofing materials have to endure a lot of abuse from the weather, and keeping everything tidy and clean from nearby foliage is essential. Keep in mind that even if the roof isn't very old, regular maintenance chores that include consistent inspections and timely repairs performed by a professional roofing company are necessary to keep most roof warranties valid.

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