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Homeowners building a vacation cottage or guesthouse can benefit from an A frame roof. These roofs are ideal for smaller buildings and are generally quite easy to construct, making them affordable. That being said, their simplicity provides a unique appearance inside and outside of the home. By understanding the pros and cons of an A frame roof, homeowners can easily decide if it is the right choice for their home before calling a Jacksonville roofing company.

A frame roofs are so aptly named because they resemble the letter A in appearance. They are made from two planes of roofing, similar to that of a gable. The planes are angled to create a dramatic slope. The unique feature about A frame roofs is that they don't just act as the roof but also as the walls of the building. Because of this, they are commonly used for smaller buildings. Typically, homes with an A frame roof are one and a half stories or less with the living space downstairs and a loft for sleeping upstairs. These roofs are usually made from metal, providing optimal protection for the home.

The steep slope of the roof makes it incredibly stable and tough.

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Triangles spread weight and stress evenly, so having the entire home in a triangular shape allows it to be structurally sound in severe winds. The slope is also effective for draining, working well in places with plenty of rain. There is no place for the water to pool, keeping the home protected from water damage. In cooler climates, the slope prevents the buildup of snow on top of the roof, which can cause a roof to collapse. The roof also helps to keep the air cool in warmer climates. The steep slope creates a very high ceiling. With the main living area at ground level, heat in the home will rise towards the roof to keep the space cool.

The biggest disadvantage with A frame roofs is wasted space. Despite the roof being very tall, the sloped walls of the roof limit the usable space. It also poses a problem for taller homeowners. The lack of straight walls can make it difficult to get around with more than a couple of people inside.

A frames are a unique choice for homeowners who want to create a cozy space. Their simple design makes them incredibly affordable. They are fairly easy to make and don't require any special materials, helping to keep the costs low. Homeowners should contact a professional to see if an A frame roof will work on their space.

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