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The sun begins to break down most surfaces the instant its rays make contact. Heat in combination with natural weathering accelerates the degradation of roofing materials over a long period of time, and asphalt is the most common and vulnerable subject of this degradation.

Asphalt is a complex mixture of hydrocarbon molecules. A combination of these hydrocarbons absorbing ultraviolet radiation and reacting with oxygen causes a rapid breakdown in the structure of a shingle. This includes buckling, cracking and general wear of the shingle's physical properties. Often, manufacturers will attempt to protect their shingles with coats of granules that block ultraviolet rays from hitting the asphalt, but granules are often easily dislodged and left exposing the bare surface of a shingle.

Destin roofing crews know the importance of providing the highest quality roof with the highest level of solar protection. A metal roof is commonly the preferred option in installing a roof that is mostly unaffected by the sun. However, all bare surfaces are subject to degradation from solar radiation, and layers of coating are often applied by manufacturers or roofers to extend the functionality and lifespan of a metal roof.

Coatings will vary depending on different factors such as geographical location and local climate. It is best in this case for a homeowner to trust their roofer as to what the best coating is.

The roofing experts at Art Construction of Destin FL can assist you with any questions regarding doors or windows.

Generally, coatings are of a reflective type and fall into one of two categories. Solvent based coatings use varied amounts of aluminum paste to reflect solar radiation, and water based elastomerics reflect a large spectrum of radiation to stay cooler than aluminum based coatings.

The best options for reflective coatings on roofs, according to studies, are white elastomeric coatings, which stay cooler than black asphalt roofs or aluminum coated roofs. White elastomeric coatings have a higher albedo and emissivity than alternative coatings and provide the best roof protection from solar radiation. Aluminum based coatings rank second between black asphalt roofs and white elastomeric coatings.

Metal roofs are not the only option for protecting a home from solar radiation, however. Truly, anything other than asphalt will do a better job protecting a roof than the industry standard roof covering. Clay and concrete are two other highly recommended materials for areas with high levels of sun; they are still subject to the same failings of asphalt but at a significantly reduced pace.

Lastly, in addition to changing a roof's material and coating type, the best protection from solar damage is maintenance. Many homeowners fail to regularly check their roof for signs of damage or wear and often wait too late until a leak is present. Clay and concrete roofs can last for decades; and as a rule of thumb, metal roof coatings should be reapplied as often as one would repaint a home.

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