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Any given roof is a complex system of layers that protects the structure below. Any water damage into the interior creates drywall decay, mold and other serious issues. Because it's extremely damaging, water must be directed at the rooftop level to adjacent drainage areas. When Destin roofing professionals visit a home, they examine each roof layer to determine its strength and extent of damage. Repairing these layers on a periodic basis preserves the household and prevents more expensive interior repair bills.

Beginning within the home, attic insulation acts as both a roofing layer and an interior component. Whether it's sprayed on or rolled out into ceiling crevices, this insulation provides temperature control for the roof. Heat from inside the home warms the roof evenly, allowing all materials to remain at an even temperature.

Above the insulation is the roof decking. This roofing layer is simply plywood attached to nearby support beams. It provides the base for all upper roofing layers. Decking must be free from moisture because decay sets in quickly otherwise. The home's interior is significantly damaged with deteriorating decking.

Although it's an optional layer, an ice and water shield is often added during a roof replacement project for extra protection. Even if an area doesn't have extremely cold winters, severe rainstorms can still damage rooftops and create moisture problems below shingle sections.

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Homeowners should seriously consider installing these shields when contemplating a new roof investment.

Underlayment or roofing felt is the next upper layer in almost any roofing system. If there is no ice and water shield installed, the underlayment protects the decking from possible moisture damage. This simple layer must be laid out with overlapped edges across the entire deck. Experienced contractors know a strong roof is dependent on correct overlapping at the underlayment layer.

Shingles are the topmost layer, creating a protective barrier to weathering and contributing to a strong property aesthetic. This traditional roofing component lasts up to 30 years when nailed down appropriately. Roofers add this layer by moving from the eave to the roof ridge in strategic courses. Only experienced roofers can lay shingles precisely for a proper home repair update.

Although it's not a physical roofing layer, the home's ventilation shaft is still a point of interest for contractors. This roof space creates a pathway for air to flow up the rooftop surface. This virtual layer must be inspected for proper air flow. With all roofing layers in good health, a roof can last for decades without major interior moisture problems.

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