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Replacing a home's roof can provide the homeowner with numerous benefits. These benefits range from improving property value and enhancing curb appeal to increasing energy efficiency and decreasing repair and maintenance costs in some cases. Homeowners may also enjoy having a new roof that is under warranty. The actual benefits that a homeowner will receive from a roof replacement relates in large part to the roofing material that is selected. Asphalt shingles are among the most popular choices that local homeowners make, but there are different types of these shingles available to choose from. Three tab composition shingles may be one of the choices some homeowners are thinking about using for an upcoming roof replacement project with a Destin roofing team, and there are both pros and cons associated with this material that should be considered.

All roofing materials have pros and cons, and three tab composition shingles are no different. One of the primary reasons why homeowners are drawn to these relates to the lower initial investment cost.

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These are easier to install than many other types of roofing materials, so homeowners may find that the estimate for three tab composition shingles installation is reduced compared to other materials they are thinking about using. They also have the beauty of architectural shingles as well as the overall durability, but they are far more affordable.

There are different manufacturers that make three tab composition shingles, so the actual cost as well as the color and style options will vary. Generally, this is a material that comes with a significant warranty period that rivals the warranty period of other materials. A downside, however, relates to the lifespan of the material. The actual lifespan varies by manufacturer, but homeowners can expect it to provide them with at least two decades of reliable use if well maintained. Other materials, such as metal roofs, may have a much longer life. A typical metal roof has a lifespan of approximately five decades.

Choosing the right material to use for a roof replacement is rarely easy. Cost is often a driving factor in the decision making process, and this is one of the primary reasons why three tab composition shingles are selected. The good news is that these shingles also have great style, a decent life and a great warranty period. Homeowners may explore the different color and style options to determine if this is the right material for their needs.

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