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Many homeowners aren't aware of the risks they take by hiring a roofer. The roofing business is a large industry, but there are no standard state or national licensing requirements for becoming a roofer. Due to the lack of regulation, it's common for roofs to be improperly installed and unreliable. More than 70 percent of complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau are roofing related, but the roofers aren't always the ones to blame in these disputes.

A large cause of misunderstanding is the standard shingle warranty system that excludes many common causes of shingle damage. Homeowners are liable for the total cost of a roof replacement if damage is caused by external systems such as attic insulation or electrical wiring. These factors can't be controlled by shingle manufacturers, and they can't be taken into account when designing a product warranty. The only types of damage covered by a warranty are caused by factors within the manufacturer's control, such as a defective batch of asphalt or a faulty ice and water shield.

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When speaking with a Destin roofing contractor, it's important to ask specific questions about shingle warranties, such as what types of damage will be covered and how long the shingles are expected to last.

Over the last 25 years, the roofing industry has developed a standard method of rating shingles and providing warranty coverage. The modern system is much better than it was in previous years when warranties were inconsistent between manufacturers. When roofing components are properly installed and of high quality, a roof will typically last throughout its entire life expectancy. Shingles are rated to last from 20 to 50 years, and environmental factors such as seasonal temperature changes and rainfall influence the variation in the lifespan.

The basic design and composition of shingles has stayed the same over the last century, but advances in manufacturing allow shingle makers to offer better warranty coverage for fire damage than in previous years. In the case of a natural fire, premature weathering or other cause of damage covered by a warranty, the homeowner is usually liable for 50 percent of the cost of repairs. The cost of tear down and disposal is not included in the coverage, and the warranty is voided if the installation is performed incorrectly. There is no way for the manufacturer to know if the installer was at fault, but a company investigator will be sure to look for any evidence that will invalidate the homeowner's claim for coverage.

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