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Destin Roofing: Article About Shingle Layover Disadvantages

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Roof replacements usually occur at least once in a homeowner's lifetime, requiring professional guidance from a Destin roofing contractor. Between material choices and installation details, these projects are wide in scope. Homeowners may be interested in shingle layovers to curb the expense of the project. However, there are many disadvantages to laying new shingles across old ones.

Traditional shingle installations are complex configurations that overlap to form a waterproof surface. When contractors perform a layover service, even more overlapping is necessary. The roof will actually have a thick appearance, leaving some shingles to pop up from their flush position. Any lifted shingles from excessive layering can potentially allow leaks into the home. A complete shingle tear-off and installation process doesn't create excessive lifting across the roof surface.

The roof eave becomes a prime location for leaks into the structure with layovers. An ice dam can form at the eave during the winter, forcing water up the roof's surface. When shingles are stacked too thickly, they create gaps between the tabs. These gaps become moisture pathways for ice dams. Built-up ice eventually melts just enough so that moisture can enter these gaps.

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Water stains and interior damage could be apparent around the entire roof eave in severe cases. This damage is usually expensive to fix compared to choosing a new roof initially.

A new roof installation is the perfect time to inspect the structure, including the deck and rafters. The deck is simply made of wood panels attached to support beams, forming the roof's base surface. If any damages are found across the deck, they can be quickly repaired before the shingle installation begins. With a shingle layover, the roof deck is never exposed to contractors' eyes. Any damages are hidden until they're apparent through interior staining or moisture problems.

Shingle layovers also prevent contractors from installing extra moisture control protection. Ice and water membranes are often added directly to roof decks for increased waterproofing. If shingles ever fail, moisture encounters both roofing felt and a membrane. Although the failed shingles would require repair at some point, moisture creeping into the home would be minimal. The membrane is essentially another skin for the deck to rely on. Layovers don't allow for this installation choice.

Some contractors offer layover services because of customer demand, but most reputable roofers don't approve of the practice. Homeowners should want a new roof that brightens a property's appearance and protects it for decades.

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