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No matter what roofing material a homeowner chooses, deterioration is always going to be a problem. However, some materials break down quicker than others. Drains, flashing and the roofing material itself eventually all have to be replaced. Before hiring a Destin roofing company to repair or replace a roof, it's a good idea for homeowners to have an understanding of the different types of roofs available.

One type of roof is a thermoplastic membrane, which is composed of polymers. This roofing material is produced by heating the polymers and allowing them to cool, creating a hard protective membrane that can be placed over the roof. There are two main types of thermoplastic membranes: thermoplastic olefin and polyvinyl chloride. Thermoplastic olefin typically lasts longer than polyvinyl chloride but only by about five years, giving it a life span of between 15 and 25 years. For thermoplastic membranes to work, the polymers cannot be heated beyond the point in which they start to decompose. During general maintenance on this style of roof, professionals typically use a hot air welding gun to patch any holes that may be causing leaks.

Switching from hard plastics to synthetic rubbers, homeowners can also choose a thermoset membrane. This style of roof is formed by chemically bonding rubber together to develop one large membrane.

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Thermoset membrane roofs typically include ethylene propylene diene monomer and hypalon. Despite this roofing material becoming elongated when force is applied, it usually returns back to its original form after the force is removed. As the roofing material ages, force can cause the membrane to tear. Thermoset membranes are only good for roughly 15 to 20 years.

While slightly less common than the other roofing options on this list, spray polyurethane foam is sometimes used as a roofing material. This style of roof is installed on the roofing deck via a pressurized gun. To protect the foam, a hard elastomeric acrylic coating is applied to the top. This coating also gives this style of roof waterproof properties. Spray polyurethane is not commonly used for residential houses because it has to be maintained regularly. Also, foam roofs don't hold up well in hot climates because the sun's ultraviolet rays make them brittle and crack. Besides being vulnerable to UV rays, this style of roof is also susceptible to insect, bird and hail damage. If a spray polyurethane roof is kept up with properly, it can last upwards of 50 years. However, the top elastomeric acrylic coating has to be cleaned and reapplied every 10 years.

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