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Homeowners are aware that their roof must provide an impermeable covering over the home, and any holes from punctures, cracks or leaks should be sealed as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of damage to the home. Because of this, it can seem contrary that the roof must also have adequate ventilation features and that these features must remain in great shape to protect the integrity of the home. Destin roofing contractors provide assistance for all types of ventilation projects and can help a homeowner to determine if these features are in good condition.

First, it is important to note that humidity and moisture are naturally created inside the home. This typically is created through normal activities, such as from showering, bathing and doing the laundry. This moisture must be removed from the home to minimize the risk of mold growth and the potential for rotting wood.

In addition, depending on the season, the attic may be exposed to hotter or colder air from the top of the roof as well as alternating temperatures from the interior of the home.

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For example, when the sun is heating up the surface of the roof, the homeowner may be cranking up the air conditioner inside the home. Ventilation features in the attic coupled with adequate insulation can help to keep the attic maintained at a moderate temperature. This is necessary for energy efficiency and proper function for the HVAC unit. In addition, the proper features can also allow moisture and humidity to escape up and out of the home rather than being trapped inside the attic.

When moisture, humidity and heat are trapped in the attic, there is also an increased likelihood of wood rot in the rafters and beams in the attic. This ultimately can impact the structural integrity of the home as well as the roof. The roof may actually begin to rot from the underneath components upward. There are many ventilation features that may be used in a roof design, and some of these include soffit vents, attic fans and whirlybird vents.

While these ventilation features must be in place and properly installed, they also must be in good condition in order to complete the job that they are designed to do. Homeowners can schedule an annual inspection with a reliable and trusted roofing contractor to learn more about the current condition of the ventilation features and to make any repairs needed.

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