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Destin Roofing: Article About Replacement Options For Leaky Flat Roof

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The main problems with flat roofs are that they are built with inadequate structural materials and made too flat. This leads to the roof sagging in the middle and rainwater gathering in that area. It only takes the water finding a small hole before the structure starts to leak. If the roofing is outdated or leaking, then it may be time to contact a Destin roofing company to replace the roofing.

EPDM is one of the most common replacement choices for a flat roof. It has a very long life expectancy and it is quick to install. This type of roofing also allows for going green.

EPDM roofing uses recycled materials. An advantage to EPDM is its long lifespan. Its durability also makes it easy on the environment.

Built-up roof (BUR) systems have been around a long time. They use a hot tar and gravel system. This system is also a fire retardant.

BUR materials are very heavy and require that the roofing structure be reinforced before installing it on the house. It is important to use the correct method when installing the roof. If it is not install correctly, then it leads to wasting time and spending more money.

Modified bitumen roofs are similar to asphalt roofing, but include polymers.

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Polymers extend the lifespan and add protection. This material is rolled onto the surface of the roof and heated with a blowtorch. The heat creates a good seal, but is dangerous.

It is important to hire a professional roofing contractor when installing a modified bitumen roof. If this method is not done correctly, then this could lead to burning down the building. This roofing system also has a reflective nature and is environmentally safe.

A spray applied coating can be applied directly to the surface of the roofing. Good coating choices for flat roofs are aluminum, acrylic and silicone. After the coating is in place, it cures onto the surface.

This roofing system allows for seamless installation, which helps with fighting leaks. The coating options also have different weaknesses and strengths. It helps to look at the roof substrate when choosing the best coating for a house.

Homeowners with flat roofs are more likely to experience a leak at some point. When it gets to the point of needing replacement, homeowners have to decide on how to replace the roofing. It also helps to choose replacement roofing option that is best for your house and climate.

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