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It should come as no surprise that there is a danger in allowing any damage to a roof to go unnoticed or unrepaired. Homeowners ought to do everything within their power to avoid allowing minor issues to become major ones. This will reduce the potential cost of repair and help ensure that the roof is able to be effective in protecting the home from the elements. While there are many homeowners who fail to recognize minor damage to their roof, the process of inspection is not difficult and will prove beneficial in reducing repair costs and extending the lifespan of the roof.

An inspection does not have to be conducted by a Destin roofing specialist, but it is certainly a good strategy to consult a professional to identify and address any issues before they cause more significant damage. There are a number of indicators that a professional will look for when inspecting a roof, and the homeowner should be able to recognize these indications as well. When a problem is identified, the homeowner can then decide whether to enlist the help of a professional or attempt to make the repair without any outside assistance.

The homeowner should conduct an indoor and an outdoor roof inspection on a regular basis throughout the year, especially following any significant weather event such as a hailstorm.

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When conducting an outdoor inspection, the homeowner should look at the shingles for signs of curling, granule loss or any other indicators of damage. In addition to the shingles, an inspection should include looking over the flashing for any tears and signs of buckling, and homeowners should also inspect the soffit, fascia and gutters.

When conducting an indoor roof inspection, the homeowner should look for any signs of moisture damage throughout the home and definitely inspect the attic. Moisture damage such as colored stains, peeling paint or damp rafters all signal potential roof issues in need of repair. Homeowners may also need to inspect the roof if the cost of cooling or heating their home rises surprisingly quickly.

Being able to recognize the early warning signs of roof damage should be very important to every homeowner. It does not matter if the homeowner is able to make the repairs or has to hire a professional to do so; simply being able to recognize a minor issue before it devolves into a major one is enough to save a great deal of money on repair.

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