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Maintaining a roof so that it lasts for as long as possible and continues to function in an effective manner is difficult enough when just dealing with the various issues caused by weather. Roof maintenance becomes even more complicated when animals, insects and other pests begin to factor into the equation, but homeowners have a number of preventive measures at their disposal to assist in minimizing the potential damage. Each animal, insect and pest is drawn to a roof for different reasons, so it is essential that the homeowner has an understanding of how to deal with each instance in the most appropriate manner.

Common Destin roofing issues caused by factors outside of inclement weather are typically related to the presence of animals. Raccoons are known to pry off shingles in an attempt to reach the attic, and termites are quite fond of feasting on roofing materials in such a way that significant damage is done. Woodpeckers will peck at the roof and cause holes large enough to allow water damage to occur. A whole host of other animals and insects are just waiting to damage a roof in a variety of ways.

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However, it's possible to keep these pests at bay and reduce the chance of adverse effects to the roof.

Homeowners can take steps to prevent these issues from ever occurring by ensuring that any nearby trees are appropriately trimmed at all times so that they do not hang over the roof. Keeping these overhanging limbs away from the roof not only reduces the chances that they cause damage when they fall onto the roof or continuously scrape the roof; it also helps ensure that animals and insects do not have a means of easily accessing the roof via the overhanging limb.

To keep birds from nesting in the gutters, homeowners should try to keep them clean at all times. This will help keep the birds away from the roof and also ensure that water flows away from the roof as it should, which reduces the potential for water damage. It is also important to check the soffit for bite marks as this may indicate the presence of a rodent trying to enter the attic. Once inside, rodents and other animals can wreak havoc on the electrical wiring, and their entry may enable other pests to enter the home through the hole they have created. Regular inspection will help reduce the likelihood that this occurs.

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