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When it comes to durability, few roofing options stand the test of time better than metal. Since most homes are outfitted with asphalt roofs, it's not uncommon for people to have questions about metal roofing. Some of the rumors about metal roofs are based on false information. Once people know the truth about metal roofs, it's easy for homeowners to understand why having a Destin roofing professional install one is the right choice.

A common myth is that metal roofs increase the temperature in houses. This myth is based on the fact that metal becomes hot to the touch when it's left in the sun. In actuality, metal roofs dramatically reduce heat that enters a home. Materials such as aluminum reflect the sun's solar rays, which can reduce heat penetration by nearly 35 percent. Most metal roofing also radiates heat better than other roofing materials, which means it releases the little bit of energy it does absorb quicker. This usually results in lower energy bills for homeowners during the hot summer.

Many homeowners also worry about the effect their metal roofs will have during lightning storms. Lightning strikes occur around the highest object in an area, and the material the object is made out of usually holds little merit. Metal roofs don't put homeowners at any greater risk of being struck by lightning than any other roofing material.

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The Metal Construction Association recently released a case study finding no evidence that metal roofs put homeowners at greater risk of attracting lightning.

Another issue that homeowners often worry about is impact damage. While metal roofs hold up well to common outdoor elements such as rain, the rumor is that they are more susceptible to impact damage from hail or foot traffic. This used to be a huge issue with metal roofs, but it's much less of a problem thanks to the textures that manufacturers add. Heavily-textured metal shingles provide added strength against impact damage, and unlike other roofing materials, metal doesn't become more sensitive to this kind of damage over the years.

Some homeowners are also turned off by the idea that metal roofs will make a loud 'pinging' noise inside their homes when it rains. This is not true thanks to the folds that are worked into metal shingles. These folds prevent the noise that is heard when rain hits a flat metal surface. Homeowners should keep in mind that ventilation and attic airspace play a huge role in sound absorption as it prevent sound waves from bouncing around the attic.

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