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Savvy homeowners may have already done some research to determine how long their roof is supposed to last and when a replacement may be needed. Each type of roof is different. For example, asphalt shingle tiles may last for approximately 20 to 30 years while a metal roof may have a useful life of 50 years or longer. However, this estimated lifespan for all roof types can be drastically reduced by several factors. When a homeowner understands the factors that can decrease the life span of a roof, he or she can take steps to minimize the impact of each of those factors.

Poor design and installation are two main causes of a decreased lifespan. Working with a skilled Destin roofing contractor during the design and installation stage of a replacement is a wise move. Experienced roofers will utilize proper skills and quality materials to ensure excellent results for homeowners.

The properties of the materials used with the roofing system will also affect lifespan. For example, UV light from the sun can degrade some materials, and it can also result in blistering or cracking. Applying a protective solar coating to some types of roofing materials may minimize this impact. Each material has its unique pros and cons, and homeowners can work with a roofer to learn more about ways to protect their roofing material from weather related damage.

The roofing contractors at Art Construction of Destin can assist you with any questions regarding windows or residential roofing.

Poor maintenance is another common cause of a decreased roof life. Factors like removing large debris from the roof regularly, clearing away gutters, nailing down loose shingles and other related steps are each important steps that homeowners may need to complete to keep their roof in great shape. Making any necessary repairs to the roof and not allowing the roof to suffer from deferred maintenance or repair issues is vital to the condition of the roof. Remember that a small issue can easily grow into a much larger one in a short period of time. A roofer can provide more information customized to a homeowner's specific roof type, and some roofers may also provide all of the regular maintenance services to the homeowner.

Because of the significance of a roof replacement project, many homeowners want to get as much life out of their current roof as possible. Regardless of whether a homeowner has a brand new roof or a roof that is nearing the end of its life, these are all tips that may help the homeowner extend the life for the longest amount of time possible.

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