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When looking for a new roofing design, a homeowner may come across a flat roof. Though these roofing styles are most often found in areas with little to no rain, it is not unheard of for Destin roofing contractors to install them for customers. These roofs are quite affordable, but they must have good quality waterproofing and an effective draining system. There are several types of flat roofing systems.

A built up roofing system is constructed by adding layer after layer of durable materials. This is often done by alternating felt with waterproof materials such as asphalt, coal tar pitch or cold application adhesive. The top layer is made of crushed rock or gravel to minimize damage from the sun. A modified bitumen roof is also a type of flat roofing system that is built up with alternating layers of asphalt sheeting and hot bitumen. Though these roofs are more common in commercial buildings, it is an option for residential roofs too.

A single ply flat roof is a popular and practical flat roof that comes in two types.

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One is a thermoset membrane, which is made from rubber polymers and applied with tape or liquid adhesive in order to form a seal to keep water out. The other type is known as a thermoplastic membrane, which is made with plastic polymers that have seams formed by chemical or heat welding. Most of these membranes are reinforced with fiberglass or polyester for stability.

There is also the option to choose sprayed polyurethane foam. This is a newer option that is sprayed onto the surface of the roof, and it forms a continuous, seamless structure. Foam is lightweight and flexible, and this makes it ideal for roofs that are uniquely shaped. One big advantage of this type of roof is that it can be put over the previous roof, including those made of clay, metal, concrete, wood and asphalt. These systems are easy to maintain and have a high insulation value, which means they can handle the heat and keep a home cool.

Though a flat roof is not right for every home, if a homeowner is interested in this style, it is best for them to reach out to a contractor to find out more. Because there are different options available, a home that may not have been able to get a flat roof in the past may find that a flat roof is an option today.

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