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Homeowners who are preparing to replace or reroof their home have numerous factors to review to choose the right material to use. One of the primary factors relates to the look or style of the material, and there are a seemingly endless range of colors, styles and shapes to consider. Energy efficiency, warranty periods, lifespans and cost also may be reviewed when selecting the right roof material to use. Homeowners may not realize it, but the roofing material that is selected will also play a role in fire safety. A professional Destin roofing team can help homeowners learn more about the fire resistance rating for different materials.

All materials that are used in home construction may be more or less fire resistant than others, and roofing materials are no different. Some materials, such as a metal roof, are generally more resistant to fire than others, such as wood shakes. However, there is a better way for homeowners to compare fire resistance of different materials than to make generalizations about the material types.

All roofing materials have a fire resistance rating tied to them, and a roofing specialist can explain the ratings for each option homeowners are considering in greater detail. Generally, the rating system includes class A, class B and class C ratings.

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A class A rating is the highest rating possible for roofing materials. This rating means that the roofing material is able to withstand an extreme fire exposure that starts outside of the building. A class B rating indicates the ability to withstand a mid grade or moderate exposure to fire while a class C rating is given to a material that can only withstand a mild exposure to fire.

When selecting the right material to install on a home for a replacement project, it is wise to consider the potential for a home to be exposed to fire from outside the home. For example, lightning or a fire on an overhanging tree branch may be external sources of fire. The need for a strong fire resistant rating should be balanced with other factors, such as style and cost.

Ideally, a roof should protect a home from most types of damage. This includes extreme temperature fluctuations, water damage during rainstorms, pest infestation and even fire. However, some materials are more protective than others. Homeowners can learn more about the different fire resistance ratings of various materials as part of their reroofing plans.

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