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In the roofing industry, GAF is the only manufacturer to offer a zero liability warranty that covers replacement materials, labor, tear down and disposal in all situations. When a homeowner receives the Golden Pledge warranty, there is no possibility that a valid claim for coverage will be denied. An eligible roof must be installed by a GAF Master Elite roofer and consist of all GAF system components. When searching for a Destin roofing contractor, it's important to ask if the Golden Pledge warranty is offered.

The cost of a roof that qualifies for this premium warranty is only about 10 percent more than the cost of a standard roof. For an average home, the total cost difference is typically about $400. Considering the fact that a roof represents about 4 percent of a home's total cost, the relatively minor extra expense of a 50 year, non prorated warranty is a wise investment. After all the new GAF components have been installed by certified Master Elite roofers, a homeowner doesn't have to worry about repairing or replacing the roof for 50 years.

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In the unlikely case of a factory defect, fire or premature wear, a team of Master Elite roofers will replace the roof and dispose of old materials for free.

Valid claims for coverage by the Golden Pledge warranty are always honored because GAF performs a factory inspection of the roof after it's installed. A representative of GAF visits the homeowner's property to certify that the roof was installed correctly by a Master Elite contractor. This inspection verifies not only that the system components were properly installed but also that external home systems such as wiring and attic insulation are in good condition.

The inspection performed by GAF is much more thorough than a state safety inspection because the state government checks only for structural soundness and compliance with safety codes. There is no way for an inspector to know if underlying system components have been properly installed once the top layer of shingles is in place. Additionally, a state inspector has no reason to verify that electrical and HVAC systems don't pose a fire risk. A GAF inspector can be sure the installation was correctly performed because the Master Elite contractor is screened before receiving the Master Elite distinction. If a problem is found, the roofer must fix it while the inspector is watching. When the roof passes inspection, the homeowner has a home with a factory certified new roof.

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